Text Analysis in Healthcare

Applications of Text Analysis in Healthcare

  • Hospitals must collect and analyze a large amount of data. This can become tedious and exhausting quickly. Using text analysis, they can quickly extract and analyze only the relevant data from the text.
  • Human error and bias are frequently present in text data. Text analysis can help with accurate data analysis so that patients can make the best decisions possible.
  • Analyzing any type of medical data is a massive undertaking that takes a lot of time and effort. Text analysis can help them, as a person, gain relevant insights quickly.
  • Similarly, you can monitor the reaction to new medicines treatment from any source where feedback and opinions may appear.
  • Any medical activity can benefit from target market surveys, and text analysis allows you to analyze open-ended surveys. To improve their services, hospitals can quickly analyze thousands of text-heavy surveys and reviews.

Some Common Methods of Analyzing Texts in Healthcare -

Topic Labeling

Semantic Similarity

Sentiment Analysis

Keyword Extraction



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