Text Analytics for Marketing

Applications of Text Analysis in Marketing

  • A large amount of data must be collected and studied by marketers. This can quickly become tedious and exhausting. They may quickly extract and analyze only the relevant data from the text using text analysis.
  • The text data is frequently subject to human mistakes and bias. Text analysis can assist in the accurate examination of data so that the marketing operations are directed towards the right audience.
  • Analyzing text data for any kind of advertising is a massive job that necessitates a significant amount of time and effort. Text analysis can assist a person in quickly gaining relevant insights.
  • Similarly, you can track the sentiment of new product launches, from wherever the feedback and opinions may appear.
  • Target market surveys can be particularly helpful in any marketing activity, and text analysis allows you to analyze open-ended surveys You can analyze thousands of text-heavy surveys and reviews quickly.

Some Common Methods of Analyzing Texts in Marketing -

Topic Labeling

Intent Detection

Semantic Similarity

Sentiment Analysis

Keyword Extraction



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